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В 2008 году впервые в школах России прошел международный конкурс на знание английского языка "Британский Бульдог". В нем приняли участие десятки тыясч учащихся школ по всей стране. В данной рубрике вы сможете ознакомиться с заданиями прпошлых лет и материалами, которые будут полезны для подготовки к этому конкурсу, который стал теперь уже традиционным. Здесь вы сможете найти полный архив заданий за все годы, начиная с 2008. Все материалы взяты с офизиального сайта конкурса: www.runodog.ru


Задания 3-4классы

Listen to the text and answer the questions

1. Where is Jimmy from?

А) Canada B) The USA C) Great Britain

2. How old is he?

А) Nine B) Ten C) Eleven

3. How many best friends does he have?

А) two B) three C) four

4. Who are American?

А) Jane and Maria B) Billy and Maria C) Jane and Billy

5. Who is Italian?

А) Billy B) Jane C) Maria

6. What school do they go to?

А) Primary B) High C) Secondary

7. What is the name of the school?

А) New York B) Lincoln C) American

8. What class are they in?

А) 5C B) 5A C) 5B

9. New York is … .

А) an old town B) a small town C) a modern city

10. Who likes New York very much?

А) Jane B) Jimmy C) Billy

Read the text and find the right answer

A bear is a large, heavy, strong animal with thick fur and a very short tail. There are several kinds of bears, black bears, polar bears, and grizzly bears. The brown bear lives in the forests and mountains of Northern America, Europe and Asia. Bears live alone; they never live in groups. Mother bear usually has from one to four baby bears. They are born in the winter and drink their mother’s milk. They live with their mother for one or two years. Bears often spend much of their winter sleeping. Before winter they eat a lot of food. Bears can be dangerous to people.

11. A bear has small eyes.

А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

12. Bears can be black.

A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

13. Bears don’t live in Europe.

A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

14. They live in groups.

А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

15. Mother bear has more than five babies.

А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

16. Baby bears are born in the winter.

А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

17. Baby bears live with their father.

А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

18. Baby bears hunt with their mother.

А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

19. Bears eat a lot before winter.

A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

20. Bears are never dangerous.

A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say

Choose the correct form of the nouns

21. There are many … on the table.

А) boxes B) boxs C) box

22. Our dog has three nice … .

А) puppy B) puppys C) puppies

23. All … should go to school.

А) childs B) childrens C) children

24. Many … work at the factory.

А) man B) men C) mens

25. The majority of teachers are … .

А) women B) womans C) woman

26. You should clean your … twice a day.

А) teeth B) teethes C) tooth

27. I saw many … in the village.

А) goose B) gooses C) geese

28. There are many forks and … on the table.

А) knife B) knifes C) knives

29. Our … are made of wool.

А) scarfes B) scarves C) scarf

30. Girls are usually afraid of … .

А) mice B) mouse C) mouses

Look at the picture and choose the correct variant

31. There are many animals … the picture.

А) in B) on C) at

32. How many squirrels are there?

А) One В) Two C) Three

33. The two birds are … branch of the tree.

А) near one B) in one C) on one

34. The rabbit has a small white … .

А) ear B) tail C) nose

35. There are many … in the forest.

А) flowers B) berries C) mushrooms

36. Snow … dress is nice.

А) White B) White’s C) Whites

37. What is Snow White like? She … .

А) is blond B) is kind C) like animals

38. Which sentence is wrong? It is … .

А) night B) summer C) warm

39. Which animal mustn’t be in this picture?

А) a hedgehog B) a hare C) a crocodile

40. What is not happening? They are … .

А) walking B) standing C) sleeping

Guess what it is

41. It is very red and sweet, and it is so good to eat.

А) An orange B) An apple C) A carrot

42. What animal has the longest neck?

А) A horse B) A giraffe C) A crocodile

43. It has four legs, a long tail and it can give milk.

А) A sheep B) A pig C) A cow

44. It is white, it is cold, you can ski on it.

А) Sugar B) Chalk C) Snow

45. It has one face and two hands, it goes and yet it stands.

А) A clock B) A baby C) A doll

46. What is it that was tomorrow and will be yesterday?

А) Yesterday B) Today C) Tomorrow

47. What has four legs and a back?

А) A table B) A chair C) A shelf

48. It has no wings but it can fl y away.

А) A balloon B) A bird C) A grasshopper

49. I’m an insect. I gather nectar from flowers.

А) A bee B) A bird C) A fly

50. What goes up when the rain comes down?

А) A cloud B) The sky C) An umbrella

Задания 5-6 классы

Listen to the sentences and choose the right answer

1. How old is Mary?

A) Forty B) Fourteen C) Twenty four

2. What time is it?

A) Twelve B) Ten C) One

3. How many students are there in the class? … three.

A) Twenty B) Thirty C) Forty

4. The next bus to London is at … p.m.

A) one B) two C) three

5. She wants … biscuits.

A) any B) one C) some

6. Mr. Rossi is invited to go to the … desk.

A) sports B) check-in C) information

7. Flight AZ677 to Toronto is boarding at gate … .

A) Eight B) Eighteen C) Five

8. Passengers must go to the gate for … .

A) control B) boarding C) information

9. Kate has a broken … .

A) foot B) arm C) leg

10. The pupils … to study English.

A) want B) wants C) don’t want

Read the text and fill in the gaps using the right words

Everybody … (11) that cats love sleeping. They spend half of their … (12) asleep and enjoy every minute of it. Other animals … (13) very different sleeping habits, however. For example, … (14) horses may not look like they … (15) asleep, but they are! Horses only spend three hours asleep … (16) day and they do it standing up! Fish sleep for about seven hours but they too have strange habits – they don’t close their eyes to sleep. So, what about people? Most … (17) us sleep for about a third of our lives. But the … (18) of hours we sleep depend on the age. Newborn babies sleep a lot – about seventeen hours in every twenty four. Children need about eleven hours and grown-ups sleep for about eight hours every night. But you’re not just asleep – you’re not really doing nothing. … (19) happens during sleep. Dreams are one way that the … (20) rests after a busy day.

11. A) know B) knows C) knew

12. A) life B) lifes C) lives

13. A) have B) has C) had

14. A) any B) some C) much

15. A) be B) were C) are

16. A) the B) a C) no article

17. A) of B) for C) about

18. A) many B) most C) number

19. A) A lot B) A lot of C) Many

20. A) legs B) body C) mind

Read the text again and find the correct answer

21. … sleep half of their lifetime.

А) Horses B) Cats C) People

22. The animals have … sleeping habits.

А) the same B) similar C) various

23. When horses sleep they … .

А) lie B) stand C) don’t stand

24. … don’t have strange sleeping habits.

А) Fish B) Horses C) Cats

25. … sleep less than other animals in this story.

А) Fish B) Horses C) Cats

26. The length of our sleep … .

А) depends on how old we are B) depends on our work C) depends on our rest

27. … need more sleep.

А) Grown-ups B) Children C) Babies

28. Babies sleep seventeen hours … .

А) a day B) a week C) a night

29. When you sleep you do nothing.

А) It’s true B) I agree C) It’s wrong

30. Dreams help people to … .

А) sleep well B) relax C) work better

Choose the correct form of the nouns

31. I have many … in the box.

А) toy B) toyes C) toys

32. All the … had wonderful hats.

А) ladies B) ladys C) lady

33. Peter likes … very much.

А) potato B) potatos C) potatoes

34. In autumn the … cover the ground.

А) leaf B) leaves C) leafes

35. … deliver newspapers to our houses.

А) Postman B) Postmans C) Postmen

36. I saw many … in the village.

А) sheep B) sheeps C) sheepes

37. There are many books on the … .

А) shelves B) shelfes C) shelfs

38. The … were arrested and put into prison.

А) thief B) thiefs C) thieves

39. There are many … in the Russian forests.

А) deer B) deers C) deeres

40. I know that … are very strong animals.

А) ox B) oxes C) oxen

Fill in the correct prepositions

41. Come … and take a seat, please.

А) out B) in C) at

42. Where do you come … originally?

А) to B) in C) from

43. He will come … home in two weeks.

А) out B) to C) back

44. I have never come … a person like Steve.

А) across B) out C) about

45. Come … or we will be late!

А) about B) for C) on

46. It’s late. We should go … now.

А) back B) forward C) ahead

47. Go … ! Leave me alone!

А) ahead B) along C) away

48. Go … , we are all listening.

А) back В) ahead C) forward

49. Go … with your work until I come back.

А) forward B) on C) along

50. That shade of blue goes … your eyes.

А) up B) in C) with

Guess what it is

51. I can tell you all the day: time to sleep and time to play.

А) Mother B) A clock C) A book

52. What letter can read?

А) I B) R С) B

53. What letter is a drink?

А) J B) L С) T

54. When I ride, I’m all right. When I stop, I flop.

А) A car B) A bike C) An engine

55. If you lose it once, you can never find it again.

А) Money B) Road C) Time

56. What does a bear have that no other animal have?

А) A cub B) A bear cub C) A forest

57. What is white outside and yellow inside?

A) A chicken B) A lemon C) An egg

58. What is it that you can keep after giving it to somebody else?

А) A word B) A book C) A present

59. In what month do people talk the least?

А) February B) March C) April

60. What box walks and talks?

А) A box office B) A box of chocolates C) A chatterbox

Задания 7-8 классы

Listen to the news and choose the correct answer

1. Mrs. Jones … .

A) works in Chester B) didn’t work C) is a burglar

2. Mrs. Jones’ flat was … .

A) attacked B) robbed C) burgled

3. The burglar was tall and … .

A) thin B) athletic C) thickset

4. The man had … .

A) a scar B) a beard C) fair hair

5. The police … the burglar.

A) have arrested B) are still in search of C) do nothing to arrest

6. The height of the tallest man is two meters and … .

A) forty B) fifty C) fifteen

7. Which is correct?

A) They have tried to save the dolphin.

B) They have done nothing.

C) They didn’t use surgical instruments.

8. Mr. Bow … to help the animals.

A) got into the stomachs B) extended his arm C) used surgical instruments

9. The mouths were held open with the … .

A) surgical instruments B) hands C) towels

10. The dolphins are … now.

A) quite well B) still unwell C) feeling better

Read the text and choose the right forms from the variants below

Once … (11) beautiful maple tree grew in the centre of a large park. All summer it was covered with green leaves. Many people sat on the green grass under it and enjoyed its … (12) shade. But along with the fall came a change in the maple tree. Its green leaves began to turn red and yellow. So everyone said, "How beautiful … (13)!” The maple tree was glad to hear it and she became proud and vain. She spread out her branches so far that a little pine close by was almost hidden from … (14). "It doesn’t matter,” said the maple, "No one cares to look at him, he is … (15) plain little tree.” The pine heard the unkind words and sighed. Just then a cold wind passed and said, "Why do you sigh, little pine?” The pine replied, "I sigh because the maple is so … (16) beautiful than I am”. The wind felt sorry … (17) him and whispered, "Only wait!” In a few days the leaves of the maple tree turned brown and fell to the ground. When the snow came, there was but one bright … (18) spot in the whole park, the brave pine with the needles … (19) they were when they first came … (20).

11. A) a B) the C) o

12. А) hot B) cool C) sunny

13. A) the tree is B) is the tree C) the tree

14. A) scenery B) sight C) scene

15. A) so B) such C) such a

16. A) more B) much more C) much

17. A) for B) with C) at

18. A) cheerful B) the cheerful C) cheerless

19. A) so green B) as green as C) green as

20. A) by B) out C) near

Choose the correct form

21. He left the … on the table.

А) keys B) keyes C) keies

22. Many … have been shot.

А) wolf B) wolfs C) wolves

23. I like … pictures over there.

А) that B) these C) those

24. There are many …-doctors in the hospital.

А) woman B) womens C) women

25. Nick’s mother and my mother are … .

А) housewives B) houseswives C) housewifes

26. Your trousers … too long.

А) are B) is C) was

27. The scissors … sharp.

А) is B) was C) are

28. Physics … my best subject at school.

А) are B) is C) were

29. The news … so exciting that I couldn’t sleep.

А) was B) were C) is

30. The police … arrested the thief.

А) have B) has C) was

Fill in the correct prepositions

31. Don’t worry, she will look … the kids.

A) at B) on C) after

32. I’m looking … Steve. Have you seen him?

А) at B) for C) on

33. Look … ! There’s a car coming.

А) out B) for C) at

34. You should look … the new words in the dictionary.

А) up B) at C) on

35. He looks … on anyone who doesn’t have a college education.

А) at B) down C) up

36. Put your coat … before you go outside.

А) in B) on C) off

37. Well, put … your books and start writing.

А) aside B) across C) out

38. Please, put your phone number … my book.

А) out in B) down in C) away in

39. The meeting has been put … till next week.

А) out B) away C) off

40. The firefighters managed to put … the fire.

A) out B) off C) away

Use the correct form of the verb

41. He … down and broke his leg.

А) felt B) fell C) falls

42. The young man … that a sunray was playing on his face.

А) fell B) felt C) filled

43. I had lost my keys and was glad when I … them.

А) found B) founded C) find

44. The birds … away in autumn.

А) flow B) flown C) flew

45. He didn’t admit that he had … to his parents.

А) lied B) laid C) lain

46. Please don’t … from the sofa and don’t move!

А) rise B) raise C) rose

47. She … her head and didn’t look up at me.

А) didn’t rise B) didn’t raise C) didn’t rose

48. Mr. Brown … in bed and didn’t want to get up.

А) laid B) lay C) lied

49. The waitress … the knives and forks on the table.

А) layed B) laid C) lied

50. When I entered the room she was … in bed and reading.

А) laying B) lieing C) lying

Help Tom and Ann find the way

Help Tom to get to the museum

51. Go … Victoria Street.

А) along B) across C) ahead

52. Take the first turning … .

А) left B) on the left C) to the left

53. Go straight ahead … the traffic lights.

А) near B) by C) to

54. Cross the street … the crossing.

А) near B) at C) by

55. The museum is … the end of the street.

А) at B) in C) by

Help Ann to get to the bus stop

56. Go straight ahead … the library.

А) at B) past C) over

57. Turn … into Park Street.

А) left B) on the left C) to the left

58. Cross Sun Street and then turn … .

А) left B) on the right C) to the right

59. The bus stop is … the supermarket.

А) behind B) past C) next to

60. … the bus you need.

A) Take B) Get C) Have

Задания 9-11 классы

Listen to the text and choose the correct answer

1. The city can boast the ancient … .

A) theatre B) cinema C) library

2. The amphitheatre has … seats on both levels.

A) nineteen B) forty two C) twenty three

3. The high parapet proves that … .

A) there are five entrances onto the stage

B) fights were held there

C) spectators used to walk there

4. The form of the stadium resembles the letter … .

A) T B) U C) V

5. The stadium used to hold … twenty thousand people.

A) much than B) more than C) less than

6. … was decorated with statues of athletes.

A) The stadium B) The stage C) A huge building

7. Two in every three of the spaces were … .

A) the stadium B) the theatre C) shops

8. … shops are connected to each other.

A) All the B) Some of the C) Modern

9. The wall to separate a part of the stadium was built … .

A) not long ago B) in the third century C) recently

10. The guide wants to show the … .

A) suburbs B) castle C) main street

Read the text and insert the right form from the variants below

There was once a young student who was in love with the daughter of a Professor, but she had said that she would only dance with him at the Prince’s ball if he … (11) her red roses. Unfortunately, the student had no roses in his garden. While he … (12) in his garden … (13) nightingale heard him and felt sorry for him because she believed that he was a true lover. She decided to help him, and flew to a rose tree to get him the rose he needed. But the rose tree had only white roses. Another rose tree had only yellow roses. At last she found a rose tree which grew red roses but this year, … (14) the severe winter, it didn’t have any roses. The nightingale begged the rose tree … (15) her how to get a red rose. Reluctantly the tree explained that she … (16) to kill herself by pressing against a thorn while singing. After a moment’s thought the nightingale decided to do this. … (17) night came and the nightingale sang all night pressing against a thorn, as she … (18) promised, until she died. The next day the student found the red rose and rushed to the Professor’s house to give the rose to the girl and … (19) her of her promise. The girl, … (20), was more impressed by the jewels than by the poor student’s flower. Disillusioned, the student went home and returned to his books.

11. A) brings B) would bring C) brought

12. A) cried B) was crying C) had cried

13. A) a B) the C) no article

14. A) because B) because of C) as

15. A) to say B) to tell C) to tell to

16. A) must B) have C) would have

17. A) Eventually B) However C) Although

18. A) has B) had C) would

19. A) to remember B) to remind C) to mind

20. A) however B) although C) moreover

Fill in the correct preposition or verb

21. Take your jacket … . It’s warm here.

А) on B) out C) off

22. You should fasten your seat belts when the plane takes … .

А) off B) away C) down

23. She really takes … her mother.

А) at B) after C) about

24. Most of the space in the room was taken … by a large table.

А) out B) up C) into

25. He seemed quite taken … by the news.

А) aback B) along C) about

26. Children under 16 … up half the population of the city.

А) make B) fix C) take

27. Her parents died and she was … up by her grandmother.

А) taken B) brought C) kept

28. He has … up photography.

А) taken B) kept C) made

29. You’re walking too fast. I can’t … up with you.

А) go B) turn C) keep

30. We arranged to meet Dave last night, but he didn’t … up.

А) take B) turn C) catch

Select the word closest in meaning to the one underlined

31. Everyone was astonished to hear of the latest news.

А) surprised B) unhappy C) worried

32. The committee failed to make any headway.

А) profit B) progress C) agreement

33. The chairman reported a slight increase in the production.

А) great B) disappointed C) small

34. Our position was undermined by the opposite party.

А) conspired B) splintered C) weakened

35. She utterly misrepresented their position.

А) completely B) purposely C) surprisingly

36. He doesn’t perceive all the consequences of his actions.

А) accept B) understand C) admit

37. There has been a protracted discussion over the issue.

А) explosive B) heated C) lengthy

38. She paid the delivery man grudgingly.

А) generously B) unwillingly C) quickly

39. One thing was sure; the future looked bleak.

А) discouraging B) spoiled C) promising

40. The plans for reorganization were acclaimed by the employees.

А) criticized B) praised C) accepted

What does the given sentence mean?

41. He doesn’t know what she’s like.

А) He cannot decide what gift to buy.

В) She is really a bad person.

С) He does not know her very well.

42. I came across his report while clearing out my office.

А) I expected to find his report. В) I replaced his report. С) I found his report by chance.

43. I wish I hadn’t asked her to stay.

А) I hoped she would stay but I didn’t ask.

В) I’m sorry that I asked her to stay.

С) I’m sorry that I didn’t ask her to stay.

44. You weren’t meant to read that report.

А) You should not have read that report.

В) That report has no meaning for you.

С) You will not be permitted to read that report.

45. Chances are slim that the economy will improve.

А) The economy is having a slow recovery.

В) The economy should be better quite soon.

С) The economy will probably not get better.

46. Were it up to her, we’d all be dismissed.

А) She will make the final decision.

В) She would like to fire everyone.

С) Some people will be separated.

47. Should you see her in London, give her my regards.

А) You might see her. В) You have to see her. С) You must see her.

48. Only when I hear from you will I relax.

А) I only relax when I hear from you.

В) I won’t relax if I hear from you.

С) Unless I hear from you I won’t relax.

49. Since you are in town, you’d be crazy not to give her a call.

А) If you call, she will think you are crazy.

В) She thought your call was rather silly.

С) It would be a good idea to call her.

50. The butler could hardly have been the one who did it.

А) The butler tried hard to do it.

В) It was not likely that the butler had done it.

С) The butler almost did it.

Do you know English and American literature?

51. A. Christie has written lots of … stories.

А) adventure B) fantastic C) detective

52. Miss Marple is the character of the books written by … .

А) A. Christie B) A. Conan Doyle C) G. Chesterton

53. Sherlock Holmes is the character of the books written by … .

А) A. Christie B) A. Conan Doyle C) G. Chesterton

54. One of the greatest authors of "ghost” stories is … .

А) M. Twain B) J.D. Salinger C) E. Poe

55. His real name was William Sydney Porter.

А) O’ Henry B) M. Twain C) Ch. Dickens

56. His real name was Samuel Clemens.

А) J. London B) O’ Henry C) M. Twain

57. The novel "Jane Eyre” was written by … Bronte.

А) Charlotte B) Emily C) Anne

58. The words "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” belong to … .

А) Hamlet B) King Lear C) Othello

59. He was not born in Ireland.

А) O. Wilde B) B. Shaw C) Ch. Dickens

60. The novel shows the events of the Civil War in the USA.

А) "Gone with the Wind” B) "American Tragedy” C) "Farewell to Arms”

Правильные ответы

3-4 классы

1 — B

11 — C

21 — A

31 — A

41— B

2 — B

12 — A

22 — C

32 — C

42 — B

3 — B

13 — B

23 — C

33 — C

43 — C

4 — C

14 — B

24 — B

34 — B

44 — C

5 — С

15 — B

25 — A

35 — C

45 — A

6 — A

16 — A

26 — A

36 — B

46 — B

7 — B

17 — B

27 — C

37 — B

47 — B

8 — B

18 — C

28 — C

38 — A

48 — A

9 — C

19 — A

29 — B

39 — C

49 — A

10 — B

20 — B

30 — A

40 — C

50 — C

5-6 классы

1— B

11 — B

21 — B

31 — C

41 — B

51 — B

2 — A

12 — C

22 — C

32 — A

42 — C

52 — A

3 — B

13 — A

23 — B

33 — C

43 — C

53 — C

4 — C

14 — B

24 — C

34 — B

44 — A

54 — B

5 — C

15 — C

25 — B

35 — C

45 — C

55 — C

6 — C

16 — B

26 — A

36 — A

46 — A

56 — B

7 — B

17 — A

27 — C

37 — A

47 — C

57 — C

8 — B

18 — C

28 — A

38 — C

48 — B

58 — A

9 — C

19 — A

29 — C

39 — A

49 — B

59 — A

10 — A

20 — C

30 — B

40 — C

50 — C

60 — C

7-8 классы

1 —B

11 —A

21 —A

31 —C

41 —B

51 —A

2 —C

12 —B

22 —C

32 —B

42 —B

52 —B

3 —C

13 —A

23 —C

33 —A

43 —A

53 —C

4 —A

14 —B

24 —C

34 —A

44 —C

54 —B

5 —B

15 —C

25 —A

35 —B

45 —A

55 —A

6 —B

16 —B

26 —A

36 —B

46 —A

56 —B

7 —A

17 —A

27 —C

37 —A

47 —B

57 —A

8 —B

18 —A

28 —B

38 —B

48 —B

58 —C

9 —C

19 —B

29 —A

39 —C

49 —B

59 —C

10 —C

20 —B

30 —A

40 —A

50 —C

60 —A

9-11 классы

1 —A

11 —C

21 —C

31 —A

41 —C

51 —C

2 —B

12 —B

22 —A

32 —B

42 —C

52 —A

3 —B

13 —A

23 —B

33 —C

43 —B

53 —B

4 —B

14 —B

24 —B

34 —C

44 —A

54 —C

5 —C

15 —B

25 —A

35 —A

45 —C

55 —A

6 —C

16 —C

26 —A

36 —B

46 —B

56 —C

7 —C

17 —A

27 —B

37 —C

47 —A

57 —A

8 —B

18 —B

28 —A

38 —B

48 —C

58 —A

9 —B

19 —B

29 —C

39 —A

49 —C

59 —C

10 —C

20 —A

30 —B

40 —B

50 —B

60 —A