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ТЕМА: Some people think that international travel has a lot of benefits.

Some people think that international travel has a lot of benefits. 4 года 10 мес. назад #1

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200 – 250 words.
Use the following plan:
− make an introduction (state the problem)
− express your personal opinion and give 2–3 reasons for your opinion
− express an opposing opinion and give 1–2 reasons for this opposing opinion
− explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion
− make a conclusion restating your position


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Re: Some people think that international travel has a lot of benefits. 4 года 10 мес. назад #2

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Re: Some people think that international travel has a lot of benefits. 4 года 10 мес. назад #3

For many people traveling abroad is an integral part of their lives. People travel to see the world, to discover new places, to learn traditions and language of another people. I would like to express their views on the subject.
Personally, I think everyone should visit another country. Firstly, one of the main advantages is an opportunity to improve your foreign language skills, while communicating with native speakers. Secondly, you can develop interest to culture and traditions of different peoples. It allows us to become mature and intelligent people. Thirdly, every journey abroad helps you to relax and rest. It helps you to forget about problems.
On the other hand, you should collect all the necessary documents and travelling abroad is not cheap. Secondly, it is always dangerous to be in another country. Besides, you will have to spend a lot of time to prepare for the trip. It is necessary to find information, consider the route, to study guides, find hotels and tickets. Sometimes preparations take more than a month.
I totally disagree with this view, because you can always contact a tour agency. Travelling with the travel agency is much easier, the bus will take you to the right place, the guide will tell you where the cheapest coffee or shop is. You do not need to do it yourself.
Despite other people's opinion I still believe that international travel can be an interesting experience in our life. It gives a lot of opportunities like visiting different places, making new friends all around the world but it also challenges us as well.
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