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ТЕМА: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition.

Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 8 года 5 мес. назад #8

Конкурсное эссе Пин Ольги Леонидовны, учителя английского языка средней школы №135 с углубленным изучением английского языка Выборгского района Санкт-Петербурга

We make decisions every day, so it is important to avoid mistakes. Many people believe that common sense is crucial for this, whereas others rely on intuition.

To my mind, we should trust our intuition. To begin with, making decisions intuitively allows us accept information from beyond ourselves. If your logic says a person is trustworthy, whereas your intuition warns you to be careful, believe the latter one, since it might be your guardian angel’s voice. Furthermore, intuitive decisions can be made correctly by everyone, whereas your ability to think critically depends on your knowledge. If you have no pedagogical education, you will not be able to raise your children basing on logics, but intuition might make you a good parent. To top everything, there is something more than brain to areas like medicine and they simply demand intuition. You cannot be a doctor unless you feel each patient’s organism.

On the other hand, some people argue that critical thinking is more reliable. They say it is available for everyone, while intuition demands the ability to immerse in your inner world, so it cannot be used anytime. For instance, if you have to make a decision quickly being in a company of many people, you are unlikely to hear what your intuition is trying to say.

However, I cannot agree with this opinion, since these people fail to understand that the skills to interpret your feelings can easily be developed through practice. The more you use your intuition, the more effectively it works.

To conclude, the subject is extremely controversial. Anyway, I am strongly convinced that we should trust our intuition more than critical thinking.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 8 года 5 мес. назад #9

Конкурсное эссе Леухиной Надежды Ивановны, учителя английского языка МОУ "Красногорская СОШ №1" Звениговского района республики Марий Эл

The way people make final decisionы has always been a subject of heated discussions. We still wonder why some of us prefer to follow our inner voice while others are convinced that only logic and critical thinking can lead to success. Let us consider the issue.

To begin with, I trust my inner wisdom more than I rely on reason. Regarding intuition as instinctive knowing of something, I am sure that it is a skill acquired from life experience. Intuition is undoubtedly helpful in the questions connected with personal relationships. People should believe their premonitions to avoid serious problems with their partners and children. Moreover, speaking about professional spheres, “the sixth sense” prompts us the right decision and gives rise to creativity. A real professional is able to arrive at a decision without wasting time on considering different arguments. In addition, we should not reject this instinct when choosing goods and services as it lets us make up our mind when the choice is too rich.

However, some people trust critical thinking more and take the following reasons into account. Intellection is effective when a person faces a problem for the first time. Having no inner experience to deal with it, he starts using critical analysis. Besides, some professions recognize facts only as they require proofs based on measurable concepts.

However, I cannot accept the idea of critical thinking domination. In the extreme situations when a decision should be taken immediately gut feelings can suggest a sound one.

To conclude, everyone uses his own way of decision making. Still, I tend to believe that trusting intuition is beneficial and effective for all.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 8 года 5 мес. назад #10

Конкурсное эссе Межевых Светланы Владимировны, учителя английского языка средней школы №135 с углубленным изучением английского языка Выборгского района города Санкт-Петербурга

Everybody needs to make decisions. How to make the best one? Some people have a strong inclination to make decisions based on intuition, others tend toward deliberation.
In my view, people should trust their intuition. To start with, intuition is your personal navigation system. Intuition always guides you toward that which will serve your highest and greatest good. Moreover, intuition does not appear out of thin air. It is actually a combination of past experience and your personal values. It is worth taking your intuition into account, because it reflects your learning about life. Furthermore, intuition works for you in real time. It communicates with you at that critical and particular moment just when we need it the most.
On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine any area where the ability to think clearly is not needed. A lot of people use critical thinking in their professional lives, allowing them to work better and complete tasks effectively.
However, I cannot agree with the opinion that people must invoke and rely on rational analysis rather than on their intuition, because everybody should be aware that none of us think critically all the time. Moreover, the analytical process is a much slower process and should be used when time is not critical.
All things considered, I strongly believe that you should listen to and be in touch with your feelings and intuition. Your inner voice is speaking to you for a reason and it is very often correct.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 8 года 5 мес. назад #11

Конкурсное эссе Шарафутдиновой Татьяны Михайловны,
учителя МАОУ "Средняя общеобразовательная школа с углубленным изучением английского языка №25" города Златоуста Челябинской области

It is obvious for some people to involve logical assumptions and deductions in their life, on the contrary, others believe in their “sixth sense”. Whose opinion is right?

As for me, I am inclined to use critical analysis rather than just intuition as intellect helps me to explore questions about the world and solve issues which are ambiguous and require clear-cut answers. If you use your brains, firstly, you analyze everything from multiple view-points and this helps you to find the right solutions to the problems. More than that, using your mental abilities you may present persuasive reasons in support of conclusions. Finally, you may greatly benefit from it implementing groundbreaking ideas or creating a brand -new product or starting a business.

In contrast, there are people, who trust more their instincts, their “subconscious”. Firstly, they explain it by the fact that they experienced unconscious mind providing them with an answer. Secondly, when it concerns health, trusting intuition can make a difference in outcomes. Thirdly, it can even be lifesaving in cases of the wrong diagnosis or cancelling the flight before the departure. For instance, a man cheated death twice after abolishing tickets on both tragic Malaysian Airlines flights.

Nevertheless, I consider intuition is a kind of personal biases, only critical thinking provides a person with the relevant data capable of making reasonable decisions.

To sum up, I still stick to the opinion that intuition is just a decision - making process without rational thought, while critical thinking is a mighty tool based on analysis and synthesis. If we use the latter effectively, it can be enormously beneficial.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 8 года 5 мес. назад #12

Конкурсное эссе Горинова Виктора Владимировича,студента 3 курса ФГБОУ ВПО "Российская академия народного хозяйства и государственной службы при Президенте РФ" города Орла

It is popularly believed critical thinking is more valuable than relying on intuition. This issue is the subject of a heated debate nowadays.

I personally think intuition is a natural gift that helps people to predict some events but not to make profound judgements. Critical thinkers read deeply, examine thoroughly and challenge intellectually. Besides, they are confident and successful. More than that, critical thinking involves induction and deduction, creative and efficient problem solving skills that help to draw decisive and appropriate conclusions. Critical thinking users benefit their society seeking out efficient solutions in solving problems and analyzing them. That is why lots of jobs need those who practice critical thinking.

Contrary to the views above, some skeptics consider that people should be guided by intuition. Firstly, they think many answers can come to human beings as a flash of intuition. Secondly, an intuitive sense helps to gain confidence in such casual affairs as various relationships.

To a certain extent, one shouldn’t disregard the role of intuition. But to my mind, it is impossible to be guided only by feelings. Everybody dreams to become an intellectual and live a wonderful life full of bright ideas and exciting experiences. Critical thinking proves to be highly valuable everywhere. The level of it depends on education. That is why children are to be encouraged to develop critical thinking in early childhood.

To sum up, I believe using the ability to think critically is more essential than trusting intuition. Then we will have a galaxy of great scientists, statesmen, poets, writers, composers and other celebrities.
Последнее редактирование: 8 года 5 мес. назад от Горинов Виктор Владимирович.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 8 года 5 мес. назад #13

Конкурсное эссе Дубковой Юлии Александровны, учителя английского языка МБОУ "Ужурская СОШ № 1 им. ГСС А.К. Харченко" города Ужура Красноярского края

The experience and wisdom of our predecessors have always taught us to think while solving an emerging problem or accomplishing a task. Deferring to this truth, one can use several methods of thinking whether prolonged critical or fast intuitive one. Let us consider what is more rational.

From my point of view, critical thinking is the best way of finding the right decision. First of all, critical thinking is an interfluence of available experience, intellectual knowledge and acquired skills. Moreover, critical thinking implies search and analyses of the necessary information that leads to finding multiple and equal answers to the formulated questions. Last but not least, it is a kind of social thinking that unites a group of specialists and allows to discuss, argue and confirm facts and decisions.

On the other hand, some people maintain the idea that intuition is considered to be more valuable and trustworthy. Firstly, intuition permits to obtain the truth on the basis of instantaneous reaction to the problem using the previous experience and knowledge. Secondly, it is an integral part of our rapid life helping to save time if the problem is not vital.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the opinion completely because fast but thoughtless reaction can lead to serious problems in some professions or areas of our life. More than that, intuitive thinking allows an emotional sphere to prevail.

To conclude, the question is controversial and it is for every person to decide what method of thinking to choose. Still, I believe critical thinking to be the most powerful way of resolving nowadays problems.
Последнее редактирование: 8 года 5 мес. назад от Дубкова Юлия Александровна.
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