You have received a letter from your English friend Gary who will be visiting Russia next summer.

...It'll be good to spend a week at your place. Which month do you think is better for the visit? Should I bring any special clothes? Is there anything I can get you from England?

Please write soon,


Write a letter to Gary.

In your letter

answer Gary's questions

ask 3 questions suggesting any ideas as to what you might do together

Write 100 – 140 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.


Moscow Region

November 07, 2010

Dear Gary,

Sorry, I have not written for long – I've been really busy at school.

It's great you've decided to come. I'll be free of my schoolwork in July and August, so come then. The weather at that time is more or less the same as in England – you won't need to bring any special clothes. But you could bring some English souvenirs for me.

As soon as I received your letter, I started thinking of what we might do together. Don't you mind going to some historical places in my area? We've got many sights there. Would you like to try a traditional Russian restaurant? I know a very nice one not far from my town. How about going to a disco? There you could make new friends...

I'm afraid, I must finish now – mum wants me to do some shopping for her.