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В 2008 году впервые в школах России прошел международный конкурс на знание английского языка "Британский Бульдог". В нем приняли участие десятки тыясч учащихся школ по всей стране. В данной рубрике вы сможете ознакомиться с заданиями прпошлых лет и материалами, которые будут полезны для подготовки к этому конкурсу, который стал теперь уже традиционным. Здесь вы сможете найти полный архив заданий за все годы, начиная с 2008. Все материалы взяты с офизиального сайта конкурса: www.runodog.ru


Задания 3-4 классы

I. Listen to the text and choose the correct answer

1. She is … .

A) a teacher B) a student C) a worker

2. Her name is … .

A) Jane B) Sue C) Penny

3. She goes to school … .

A) in London B) in a little town C) near London

4. She lives … London .

A) in B) near C) far from

5. She lives with her parents and … .

A) a sister B) two brothers C) a brother

6. Her brother is … .

A) four B) forty C) fourteen

7. She has a … .

A) dog B) dog and a cat C) cat

8. She likes … .

A) playing football B) watching football on TV C) going to a football match

9. … she goes to a football match.

A) Sometimes B) Usually C) Once a week

10. She … .

A) likes sports very much B) doesn't like sports C) hates sports

II. Read the text and choose the correct answer

It's Sunday afternoon and Kate and Sue are at Mary's birthday party. She's eight years old now. Some kids are dancing in the sitting room. Mary is opening a present at the moment. Patrick and Simon are in the kitchen. They are eating chocolate cake. Peter is playing a video game in Mary's bedroom. Kate and Sue like parties very much. Children have a lot of fun at parties.

11. It's … afternoon.

A) Sunday B) Saturday C) Monday

12. The girls are at … birthday party.

A) Sue's B) Mary's C) Kate's

13. How old is Mary? … .

A) Eight B) Eighty C) Seven

14. … children are dancing.

A) All B) Some C) Three

15. What is Mary opening? … .

A) The door B) The present C) The box

16. Patrick and Simon are eating … .

A) cake B) sweets C) biscuits

17. They are in the … .

A) kitchen B) living room C) bedroom

18. Peter is playing … .

A) a game B) the guitar C) a video game

19. Where is Peter? He is in the … .

A) kitchen B) bedroom C) living room

20. Who likes the parties very much? … .

A) Sue and Mary B) The boys C) Sue and Kate

III. Choose the correct answer

21. She likes … new teacher.

A) her B) he C) you

22. There … many animals at the zoo.

A) is B) are C) was

23. I have got … friends at school.

A) many B) much C) a

24. Look at my new bike. Do you like … ?

A) her B) she C) it

25. Sorry, he is not … home.

A) in B) at C) to

26. … is Sally? She's in the park.

A) Where B) What C) Who

27. Ann … speak English very well.

A) cans B) can C) can to

28. … she watch TV in the morning?

A) Do B) Is C) Does

29. My mother … milk with coffee.

A) not drinks B) not drinking C) doesn't drink

30. Mary … her homework now.

A) do B) does C) is doing

IV. Look at the picture and use the necessary words

31. It's … o'clock.

A) seven B) eight C) nine

32. The clock is on the … .

A) wall B) table C) floor

33. There are … people in the family.

A) four B) five C) seven

34. The cat is … .

A) sleeping B) running C) sitting on the floor

35. The dog is … than the cat.

A) smaller B) bigger C) biggest

36. The girl is wearing … .

A) a jacket B) jeans C) a dress

37. The baby is sitting on the … .

A) floor B) chair C) sofa

38. There are … in the family.

A) three girls B) two boys and a girl C) three boys

39. They … their pets.

A) don't love B) doesn't love C) love

40. This is a … family.

A) friendly B) bad C) unhappy

V. Write a story about the girl. Choose the correct variant

41. Her name is … .

A) Tom B) Rose C) Nick

42. She is … .

A) two B) eight C) eighteen

43. She has … .

A) short hair B) long hair C) a plait

44. She has a family. She has … .

A) no brothers B) one brothers C) two brother

45. But she has … .

A) two sister B) a sister C) no sisters

46. She goes to … .

A) school B) the institute C) work

47. Her favourite subject is … .

A) England B) English C) London

48. Her favourite sport is … .

A) ski B) skate C) tennis

49. She is wearing … .

A) a dress B) a skirt and a blouse C) jeans and a T-shirt

50. She has a … in her hand.

A) flower B) book C) schoolbag

Задания 5-6 классы

I. Listen to the text and choose the correct answer

1. Tommy went skiing for the first time …

A) with his friends B) with his family C) alone

2. He … .

A) was taught to ski B) learnt to ski C) didn't learn to ski

3. He fell over a lot because he … .

A) enjoyed it B) could ski very well C) couldn't ski

4. Tommy went to the mountains for … .

A) seven days B) ten days C) a month

5. They … time together.

A) didn't have B) enjoyed C) didn't enjoy

6. They went down the mountain on … .

A) skis B) skateboards C) snowboards

7. In the evening they … .

A) stayed at the hotel B) went out C) watched TV

8. They liked to eat … .

A) fish and chips B) pizza C) hamburgers

9. They watched an ice-hockey game … .

A) at the stadium B) on TV C) at the sports centre

10. Tommy and his friends … winter sports.

A) are fond of B) don't like C) are not keen on

II. Read the text and fill the gaps with prepositions

This is the story … (11) a ghost. He lives in the beautiful Canterville Castle . Mr. Otis and his family live there, too. The ghost has got big red eyes, grey hair, a long nose, thin legs and a white face. He thinks he's very frightening. But nobody is afraid … (12) him.

The ghost is very sad and unhappy. He cries in his room … (13) the tower. Mr. Otis' daughter, Virginia feels sorry … (14) him and wants to help him. The ghost tells her … (15) his problem. He can only rest when a girl … (16) blond hair helps him and the almond tree has flowers.

Virginia and the ghost go … (17) a wall. The Otis family looks for Virginia in the rooms, … (18) the beds, behind the doors, on the roof. They finally see her sitting … (19) the almond tree. They look 
… (20) and notice that the almond tree has
flowers. Virginia and the ghost can finally rest. Now they are happy.

11. A ) at B) of C) by

12. A ) of B) about C) in

13. A ) for B) along C) in

14. A ) with B) for C) at

15. A ) in B) about C) for

16. A ) with B) of C) in

17. A ) next B) in C) through

18. A ) above B) under C) of

19. A ) by B) next C) along

20. A ) for B) down C) up

III. Read the text again and find the right answer

21. It is a story about a ghost.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

22. He lives in Canterville Village .

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

23. The ghost has a beard.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

24. He thinks he is funny.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

25. The ghost is sad and cries.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

26. He lives in the living room.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

27. The ghost has a problem. He can't rest.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

28. He can rest only when the almond tree has flowers.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

29. In the end Virginia and the ghost are happy.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

30. They want to go for a walk.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

IV. Choose the correct answer

31. Who's that girl? … .

A) Is Betty B) It's Jane C) She's a pupil

32. Whose dolls are these? They're … .

A) of the baby B) the baby's C) the babies

33. In his free time he likes … with his friend.

A) playing B) play C) plays

34. I … my homework because I left my book in school.

A) can't to do B) can't do C) don't make

35. Is your sister's … than yours?

A) hair more long B) more long hair C) hair longer

36. What's Peter like? He … .

A) is very well B) likes football C) is very nice

37. … the room!

A) Not to go into B) Don't going to C) Don't go into

38. … these three girls do you know?

A) How many B) Which of C) What of

39. Last week John … his leg.

A) fell and broke B) felt and broke C) fallen and broken

40. How long does it take to … to Moscow ?

A) get B) arrive C) make

V. Choose the correct word

41. Too much … is bad for you.

A) son B) sun C) sung

42. I can't … anything without my glasses.

A) sea B) see C) seen

43. She painted a beautiful … rose.

A) read B) bread C) red

44. Her eyes were as … as the sky.

A) blue B) blew C) blow

45. You can't … jeans to the opera.

A) where B) wore C) wear

46. They washed … faces and went to bed.

A) their B) there C) where

47. She is the … person for that job.

A) write B) right C) ride

48. We agreed to … in front of the theatre.

A) meat B) neat C) meet

49. … are wild animals that can run very fast.

A) Dear B) Deer C) Deers

50. I go to the swimming pool twice a … .

A) weak B) week C) weeks

VI. Choose the correct variant

51. North is the opposite direction to … .

A) East B) West C) South

52. If you rearrange the letters of "the eyes” you get … .

A) "the yes” B) "has tea” C) "they see”

53. Which of the months of the year also means "permission”?

A) March B) May C) April

54. He knows the poem by … .

A) head B) memory C) heart

55. What's the opposite word for "clean”?

A) Dirty B) Small C) Tidy

56. Which is not a preposition of place?

A) Never B) Opposite C) Next to

57. Which of the following is a country?

A) Rome B) France C) Paris

58. Robin Hood lived in … Forest .

A) Black B) Dark C) Sherwood

59. What do people call New York ? The Big … .

A) City B) Apple C) Town

60. Who said "To be or not to be, that is the question”?

A) Othello B) Romeo C) Hamlet

Задания 7-8 классы

I. Listen to the tour guide and choose the correct answer

1. The tour starts … .

A) in the centre B) in the old town square C) near the church

2. The tour probably takes place in … .

A) January B) July C) October

3. The monument to Jan Hus is in the … of the square.

A) centre B) eastern part C) northern part

4. The monument to Jan Hus was built in … .

A) 1346 B) the fifteenth century C) the twentieth century

5. How many churches do they see during the tour?

A) Two B) Three C) Four

6. … was used in the film "Amadeus”.

A) The theatre B) The market C) The small church

7. It was used in the film because … .

A) it hasn't changed B) it's beautiful C) it has good acoustics

8. The independence was announced in … .

A) 1346 B) the fifteenth century C) 1918

9. The Community House … .

A) has good acoustics B) was used in the film C) has a famous caf?

10. The church is very popular with the … .

A) tourists B) citizens C) spectators

II. Read the text and fill the gaps with prepositions

Dave is a bank clerk in London . He thinks his job is boring – but the salary is good. He lives in a small village and goes to work … (11) train and then the underground. It's a long journey – he leaves home at half past seven – and people ask him why he doesn't move nearer … (12) London, but Dave prefers to live in his village. He doesn't like crowds, smog and traffic and he loves going … (13) long bike rides or walks in the country when the weather is fine. He also has a lot of friends in the village and he doesn't want to lose them.

He arrives … (14) the bank at nine and usually finishes at half past five. He gets … (15) home at about seven o'clock. He has an hour for lunch, at one o'clock. When the weather is good, he often buys sandwiches and eats them in the park near his bank. When it's raining, or cold, he goes … (16) a small caf? for lunch.

Dave's girlfriend, Liz, is a student at Reading University and lives in a small flat near her university … (17) three other students. Dave and Liz met two years ago when they were both in Spain … (18) holiday. Dave would like to marry her when she graduates from university next year, but Liz prefers to wait … (19) two or three years before getting married. They don't meet during the week because Liz is busy … (20) her studies, but they usually spend the weekends together.

11. A ) by B) on C) in

12. A ) in B) to C) at

13. A ) in B) out C) for

14. A ) at B) in C) near

15. A ) to B) by C)

16. A ) at B) for C) to

17. A ) of B) with C) near

18. A ) at B) in C) on

19. A ) for B) about C) nearly

20. A ) at B) in C) with

III. Read the text again and find the right answer

21. Dave doesn't enjoy working in a bank.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

22. Dave would like to live nearer London .

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

23. Dave likes his village as there aren't crowds, traffic and smog.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

24. Dave lives with his parents.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

25. Liz is going to graduate from university next year.

A) True B) False C) Doesn't say

26. It takes Dave … to get to the bank.

A) little time B) much time C) two hours

27. Dave … .

A) always brings sandwiches from home B) returns to work after lunch at two 'clock

C) doesn't have lunch when it's cold

28. Dave and Liz … in Spain two years ago.

A) enjoyed the holidays B) got acquainted C) spent

29. Liz and Dave … .

A) are getting married next year B) usually meet at weekends C) are going to Spain for their holidays

30. Dave would like to marry Liz … .

A) next year B) at the weekend C) in two or three years

IV. Choose the correct answer

31. The teacher asked … read the next paragraph.

A) her to B) her that she C) that she

32. I don't understand … you're trying to say to me.

A) that B) what C) which

33. I … to walk until I was nearly two.

A) couldn't B) wasn't able C) didn't able

34. Her grandfather … a policeman in London .

A ) used to be B) used to being C) is used to be

35. Susan is going … holiday next Christmas.

A) on B) at a C) to a

36. Visitors are expected … between 9.00 and 11.00 daily.

A) arrive B) arriving C) to arrive

37. … he studied hard, he didn't pass the exam.

A) However B) Even though C) Despite

38. "… the truth”, his mother said.

A) Tell me B) Say to me C) Tell to me

39. She usually takes a sandwich to school … she gets hungry.

A) in case B) although C) however

40. Look out! That stack of plates … any moment now.

A) will fall B) is going to fall C) is falling

V. Choose the correct word  

41. Today only about five hundred Amur … live in the Far Eastern forests.

A) taigas B) tiger C) tigers

42. When he … the answer, he usually puts up his hand.

A) no B) know C) knows

43. It has … a wonderful day!

A) been B) bean C) being

44. The ship set … for Jamaica .

A) sale B) sail C) sailed

45. She threw the ball … into the air.

A) hi B) high C) highest

46. World … II broke out in September 1939.

A) Wore B) Warn C) War

47. Let me give you a … of advice.

A) piece B) peace C) pieces

48. I bought a … of shoes yesterday.

A) pair B) pea C) peas

49. She wore her hair in a … .

A) plate B) plaque C) plait

50. You'd be … stiff in a job like that.

A) board B) bored C) bore

VI. Choose the correct variant

51. The capital of the United Kingdom is … .

A) Glasgow B) London C) Edinburgh

52. On this day children dress up as ghosts and witches because it's … .

A) Valentine's Day B) Christmas C) Halloween

53. Agatha Christie is the "queen” of … stories.

A) "ghost” B) adventure C) detective

54. In Trafalgar Square there is a monument to … .

A) Nelson B) Henry VIII C) William the Conqueror

55. Which is not a university town?

A) Bath B) Oxford C) Cambridge

56. Shakespeare was born in … .

A) London B) Stratford-on-Avon C) Oxford

57. Which is the symbol of the republic of   Ireland ?

A) The rose B) The daffodil C) The shamrock

58. There are … stripes on the American flag.

A) twelve B) thirteen C) fourteen

59. The Statue of Liberty was given to the USA by … .

A) the UK B) Canada C) France

60. America was not free from British rule until … .

A) July 1776 B) January 1777 C) February 1783

Задания 9-11 классы

I. Listen to the dialogue and choose the correct answer 

1. The woman is already studying … languages.

A) two B) three C) four

2. She … for the first lesson.

A) is late B) doesn't want to be late C) is in time

3. Her German classes are on … A) Mondays and Wednesdays B) Tuesdays and Thursdays C) Thursdays

4. She would have preferred to study …

A) French B) Italian C) Spanish

5. She … French.

A) knows B) can understand C) remembers some grammar and words in

6. Being in France she …

A) had no problems B) had a lot of problems C) spoke fluent French

7. Her French classes are on …

A) Mondays and Wednesdays B) Tuesdays and Thursdays C) Thursdays

8. She will be out … evenings a week.

A) two B) three C) four

9. They usually went bowling on …

A) Mondays and Wednesdays B) Tuesdays and Thursdays C) Thursdays

10. She suggested the man and Bob study …

A) Italian B) German C) Spanish

II. Read the text and answer the questions  

The most famous lifesaver in history saved thousands of lives and many ships. He first appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. For more than twenty years he guided ships through dangerous waters. He could not read or write and he had no training. The sailors called him Jack and he was a dolphin. Near the coast of New Zealand there is a dangerous passage called French Pass. It had a bad reputation until Jack arrived. For over twenty years Jack met passing ships. He swam near the ship but when it reached the passage he swam in front of the ship until it was on the other side of French Pass. In 1903 a passenger on board the "Penguin” drank too much and fired a gun at Jack. The sailors were angry and wanted to throw him into the sea, but the captain stopped them. Everybody thought Jack was dead, but he was not. True, he never met the "Penguin” again. One day the ship hit the rocks in the Pass and was lost. Jack probably died of old age in 1912 but he wasn't forgotten. There is a statue erected to his memory on the beach of Wellington .

11. This story is about a dolphin that helped ships many years ago.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say

12. Jack was trained to guide ships through French Pass.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say

13. Before Jack's arrival many ships were lost when they went through French Pass.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say

14. The sailors on the "Penguin” wanted to punish the passenger who shot at Jack.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say

15. People forgot about Jack when he died.

А) True В) False С) Doesn't say

16. Jack is famous because …

A) he was unpaid B) he saved many ships C) he didn't have any training

17. Which is correct?

A) New Zealand is dangerous B) The passengers shot at Jack C) With Jack, French Pass was safer

18. The sailors on board the "Penguin” wanted to …

A) shoot the passenger B) throw him overboard C) put him ashore

19. Which is correct?

A) Jack never guided the "Penguin” again B) The "Penguin” sank because there wasn't a pilot C) The "Penguin” never went to Pass again

20. Jack …

A) remembered a statue in Wellington B) probably died because he was old C) was shot because he was too old

III. Choose the correct variant

21. The director dislikes … work early.

A) if I'm leaving B) it I leave C) my leaving

22. Your salary is the same …

A) as her B) as hers C) like hers

23. They stood and watched the child … both sandwiches.

A) eat B) ate C) had eaten

24. The heat … us all leave early.

A) caused B) made C) forced

25. They are planning a …

A) two-hour session B) two-hours session C) session of two hours

26. Would you please … during the meeting?

A) no smoking B) not smoke C) don't smoke

27. He said that this machine required far … repairs than the others.

A) less B) lesser C) fewer

28. Did you like the article? Yes, rarely … anything so well written.

A) I have read B) did I read C) have I read

29. They … at home. The lights are off.

A) can't be B) must be C) mustn't be

30. Mary is sick of her job. Well, I suggest that she … for a transfer.

A) would ask B) asks C) ask

IV. Choose the correct word to fill the gaps

31. Your … to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

A) attention B) approval C) support

32. I hope my opinion will be taken into …

A) attention B) advantage C) consideration

33. I am writing in … with our next monthly meeting.

A) response B) reply C) connection

34. I am writing to you … my health insurance policy.

A) connecting B) referring C) concerning

35. I would be grateful … further information.

A) receiving B) to receive C) receive

36. Any help you can provide will be …

A) gratifying B) grateful C) appreciated

37. I regret to … you that I cannot attend the meeting.

A) say B) inform C) reply

38. Do not … to contact me if you have further questions.

A) avoid B) bother C) hesitate

39. I give your proposal my wholehearted …

A) approval B) sustenance C) approbation

40. I would appreciate your … attention to this matter.

A) prompt B) soon C) fast

V. Choose the correct form

41. The … must be intelligent and well-educated people.

A) editors-in-chief B) editor-in-chiefs C) editor-in-chief

42. Her favourite flowers were …

A) forgets-me-not B) forget-me-not C) forget-me-nots

43. I've used many new and important … in my report.

A) datum B) data C) datas

44. About two … workers took part in the strike.

A) thousandes B) thousands C) thousand

45. This … is poorly studied.

A) phenomenon B) phenomenons C) phenomena

46. Look ! The gate … open!

A) is B) are C) was

47. I'm sure that the gates … been locked.

A) has B) have C) had

48. Billiards … an interesting game.

A) are B) is C) were

49. Three days … long enough for a good holiday.

A) isn't B) aren't C) weren't

50. She had a wonderful three-… holiday in July.

A) week B) weekes C) weeks

VI. Fill the gaps with the correct word  

51. We lost our … in the forest.

A) way B) wait C) weigh

52. Police described her attacker as a white … aged 25.

A) male B) mail C) nail

53. You are my best friend in the … wide world.

A) whole B) hole C) broad

54. Anti-age creams always … well.

A) cell B) sell C) make

55. Lucy sat down on the bottom …

A) stare B) stair C) stairs

56. Children under four travel half-…

A) fair B) spare C) fare

57. Johnson was the political … as the leader of the party.

A) heir B) air C) fair

58. Queen Victoria … from 1837 to 1901.

A) rain B) rained C) reigned

59. Her hair was … jet black.

A) die B) died C) dyed

60. He woke up with a temperature and a … throat.

A) saw B) sour C) sore

Правильные ответы

3-4 классы

1 — B

11 — A

21 — A

31 — B

41— B

2 — B

12 — B

22 — B

32 — A

42 — B

3 — A

13 — A

23 — A

33 — B

43 — A

4 — B

14 — B

24 — C

34 — C

44 — A

5 — С

15 — B

25 — B

35 — B

45 — B

6 — C

16 — A

26 — A

36 — C

46 — A

7 — С

17 — A

27 — B

37 — A

47 — B

8 — С

18 — C

28 — C

38 — B

48 — C

9 — A

19 — B

29 — C

39 — C

49 — C

10 — A

20 — C

30 — C

40 — A

50 — A

5-6 классы


11 — B

21 — A

31 — B

41 — B

51 — C

2 — A

12 — A

22 — B

32 — B

42 — B

52 — C

3 — C

13 — C

23 — C

33 — A

43 — C

53 — B

4 — A

14 — B

24 — B

34 — B

44 — A

54 — C

5 — B

15 — B

25 — A

35 — C

45 — C

55 — A

6 — C

16 — A

26 — B

36 — C

46 — A

56 — A

7 — B

17 — C

27 — A

37 — C

47 — B

57 — B

8 — B

18 — B

28 — B

38 — B

48 — C

58 — C

9 — C

19 — A

29 — A

39 — A

49 — B

59 — B

10 — A

20 — C

30 — C

40 — A

50 — B

60 — C

7-8 классы

1 —B

11 —A

21 —A

31 —A

41 —C

51 —B

2 —B

12 —B

22 —B

32 —B

42 —C

52 —C

3 —C

13 —C

23 —A

33 —B

43 —A

53 —C

4 —C

14 —A

24 —C

34 —A

44 —B

54 —A

5 —B

15 —C

25 —A

35 —A

45 —B

55 —A

6 —A

16 —C

26 —B

36 —C

46 —C

56 —B

7 —A

17 —B

27 —B

37 —B

47 —A

57 —C

8 —C

18 —C

28 —B

38 —A

48 —A

58 —B

9 —C

19 —A

29 —B

39 —A

49 —C

59 —C

10 —B

20 —C

30 —A

40 —B

50 —B

60 —A

9-11 классы

1 —A

11 —A

21 —C

31 —A

41 —A

51 —A

2 —B

12 —B

22 —B

32 —C

42 —C

52 —A

3 —A

13 —A

23 —A

33 —C

43 —B

53 —A

4 —B

14 —A

24 —B

34 —C

44 —C

54 —B

5 —C

15 —B

25 —A

35 —B

45 —A

55 —B

6 —B

16 —B

26 —B

36 —C

46 —A

56 —C

7 —B

17 —C

27 —C

37 —B

47 —B

57 —A

8 —C

18 —B

28 —C

38 —C

48 —B

58 —C

9 —C

19 —A

29 —A

39 —A

49 —A

59 —C

10 —C

20 —B

30 —C

40 —A

50 —A

60 —C


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