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В 2008 году впервые в школах России прошел международный конкурс на знание английского языка "Британский Бульдог". В нем приняли участие десятки тыясч учащихся школ по всей стране. В данной рубрике вы сможете ознакомиться с заданиями прпошлых лет и материалами, которые будут полезны для подготовки к этому конкурсу, который стал теперь уже традиционным. Здесь вы сможете найти полный архив заданий за все годы, начиная с 2008. Все материалы взяты с офизиального сайта конкурса: www.runodog.ru

British Bulldog 2008-2009 учебный год


Задания 5-6 классы

I. Listen to the text and choose the correct answer

1. Tony went for a picnic last …

A) Sunday B) Friday C) Saturday

2. … drove the car.

A) His mother B) His father C) His sister

3. His father has bought a new …

A) car B) CD player C) mobile phone

4. His little sister made …

A) a toy B) a cake C) a sand castle

5. Tony went for …

A) a swim B) a walk C) a bath

6. The water was …

A) too hot B) too cold C) rather warm

7. Father took the … out of the car.

A) sausage B) chicken C) sandwiches

8. They had lunch at …

A) 12 B) 1 C) 2

9. Tony played …

A) badminton B) beach volley C) beach football

10. They went back home at …

A) 6 B) 7 C) 8

II. Complete the telephone conversation with the words below

Brian: Hello. Can I speak to Sue, please? This is Brian.

Jill: Oh, hello, Brian. This is Jill. … (11) on a moment and I'll call Sue. She's cooking in the … (12).

(A minute later)

Sue: Hello, Brian!

Brian: Hi, Sue. … (13). Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?

Sue: It depends. What's … (14)?

Brian: I can't … (15) the title, but it's a science fiction film and Tom Cruise is in it. I know you like him.

Sue: Yes, I do. OK, … (16). But I don't want to be late home. I'm working tomorrow and I have a lot to do. This is a very … (17) period in the office.

Brian: That's no problem. Why don't we … (18) at half past six? We can have a hamburger and then go to the cinema.

Sue: No, I don't want to eat … (19) food! Why don't you come here? I'll cook some spaghetti.

Brian: Great! I love your spaghetti Bolognese.

Sue: … (20) at half past six.

11. A ) Expect B) Hold C) Wait

12. A ) kitchen B) chicken C) cooker

13. A ) Hear B) Go C) Listen

14. A ) like B) on C) at

15. A ) learn B) remember C) understand

16. A ) go B) let's go C) we go

17. A ) bored B) occupied C) busy

18. A ) meet us B) meet C) see you

19. A ) junk B) quick C) hungry

20. A ) See you B) We see us C) I am seeing

III. Complete the phrases using the information from the text

21. Brian wants to speak to …

A) Jill

B) Sue

C) Sue's mother

22. Sue can't answer the call because she …

A) is not at home

B) is busy in the kitchen

C) is cleaning the kitchen

23. Brian invites her …

A) to the restaurant

B) to the cinema

C) to watch television

24. He wants to go to the cinema …

A) next Saturday

B) tomorrow

C) in the evening

25. Tom Cruise …

A) is at the cinema

B) wants to see the film

C) is starring in this film

26. She will go to the cinema if …

A) she comes home late

B) she comes home early

C) a good film is on

27. She has … in the office.

A) holidays

B) exams

C) lots of work

28. They will meet at …

A) 5:30

B) 6:30

C) 7:30

29. They will … before going to the cinema.

A) eat spaghetti

B) have a hamburger

C) eat nothing

30. Brian likes …

A) hamburger

B) spaghetti

C) pizza

IV. Choose the correct word in each of the following sentences

31. History is my favourite … , but today it wasn't interesting.

A) lesson

B) subject

C) class

32. My primary school only has 300 …

A) students

B) pupils

C) sportsmen

33. I didn't have time … beds this morning.

A) to do

B) to make

C) to clean

34. Is there anything … you'd like me to tell you?

A) else

B) more

C) much

35. When we were in Spain last year, we … at a marvelous hotel.

A) stayed

B) stopped

C) lived

36. Does your husband ever offer you to do … ?

A) dishing

B) the washing-up

C) dishes

37. I hate doing the … , especially cleaning the windows.

A) lessons

B) homework

C) housework

38. Do you know how … it is from London to Manchester ?

A) much

B) far

C) long

39. He is … his wife to drive.

A) learning

B) teaching

C) making

40. What time do you usually … ?

A) raise

B) rise

C) get up

V. Choose the correct answer

41. We haven't got … money.

A) many

B) little

C) much

42. The clown with the red nose is … than the other clown.

A) funniest

B) funnier

C) funny

43. John usually goes to school by bus but today he … there.

A) walks

B) walk

C) is walking

44. My car is old. I … to buy a new car next week.

A) am go

B) going

C) am going

45. I always … music when I study.

A) listen to

B) listen at

C) listen

46. Do you like … TV?

A) watch

B) to look

C) watching

47. … any DVDs ? Yes, he has.

A) Does he have

B) Has got

C) Has he got

48. Where … last Saturday? I went out with Cindy.

A) did you went

B) do you go

C) did you go

49. … I borrow your Pen? Certainly.

A) Do

B) Can

C) Does

50. Ben has bought another stamp. He really likes collecting them, … ?

A) doesn't he

B) isn't he

C) does he

VI. Look at the picture and choose the correct answer

51. There is a … in Mrs. Rossi's bathroom.

A) shower B) bath C) swimming pool

52. There is a white …

A) mouse B) dog C) cat

53. There is a … on the wall.

A) picture B) bookcase C) mirror

54. There is a green …

A) dress B) coat C) jacket

55. There isn't a …

A) plant B) dress C) radio

VII. Read these descriptions and then label the pictures with the correct names

Kate is fatter than Tracy.

Emily is thinner than Diana and taller.

Tracy is shorter than Diana, but taller than Kate.

Jenny is shorter than all the others.

Kate is taller than Jenny, but shorter than Tracy.

56. A ) Tracy B) Emily C) Jenny

57. A ) Emily B) Kate C) Jenny

58. A ) Tracy B) Diana C) Kate

59. A ) Jenny B) Diana C) Tracy

60. A ) Diana B) Emily C) Kate

Задания 7-8 классы

I. Listen to the text and answer the questions

1. They want to build …

A) a church

B) a new shopping centre and a car park

C) a car park

2. In the historical part of Canterbury …

A) the streets are too narrow

B) there is a shopping centre

C) there is enough out-of-town shopping

3. The owners of small shops are …

A) happy

B) poor

C) nervous

4. The meeting will take place …

A) on Tuesday

B) on Thursday

C) on Saturday

5. The boy was playing …

A) near the river

B) near the lake

C) on the grass

6. Labrador was …

A) a 4-year old dog

B) a 6-year old dog

C) a very old dog

7. The dog pulled the boy …

A) by the collar

B) by the sleeve

C) by the jacket

8. The boy's parents bought the dog … as a reward.

A) a new collar

B) a special meal

C) a new toy

9. There were … in the wallet.

A) 5 000 pounds

B) 15 000 pounds

C) 5 000 dollars

10. The man who left the wallet was …

A) 60 and had moustache

B) 60 and had a beard

C) 60 and was thin

II. Read the text attentively and choose the right form from the variants below

It happened during a long hot summer at a small … (11) in England . The country … (12) needed rain. Kim Frazer, who … (13) something about North American Indians and their rain dances, decided to do something. He went into the street, … (14) his clothes and started his rain dance. The people in the street … (15) surprised, even shocked. He not only danced naked, but sang strange songs and shouted special words. Very soon the police arrived. Kim … (16) about the rain dance, but they were not interested. Poor Kim was arrested and taken … (17) the police station. The next day he appeared … (18). He told his story about the rain dance. The judge wasn't interested in the story and fined him … (19) pounds. As he left the court, it began … (20) and poor Kim got soaking wet. But he felt happy because he thought that, after all, he was right.

11. A ) village B) country C) place

12. A ) very B) very much C) badly

13. A ) heard B) has heard C) had heard

14. A ) put on B) took off C) tried on

15. A ) are B) was C) were

16. A ) told B) told them C) said to them

17. A ) in B) into C) to

18. A ) in court B) in the court C) to the court

19. A ) for 25 B) 25 C) about 25

20. A ) poured B) pouring C) pours

III. Complete the sentences using the information from the text

21. It happened …

A) in a small town

B) in the country

C) at a small village

22. "The country badly needed rain” means there was …

A) no rain for a long time

B) rain in another place

C) a lot of rain

23. Rain dances are performed by the Indians when …

A) it is raining

B) they want it to stop

C) they want to have some rain

24. Kim decided to dance …

A) because he was bored

B) because he thought this way it might rain C) to collect money

25. People were shocked because …

A) Kim was singing

B) they knew Kim

C) Kim had no clothes on

26. ”The police were not interested about the rain dance” means that …

A) they didn't like dancing

B) they didn't believe Kim

C) they liked Kim's song

27. "The next day he appeared in court” means that …

A) he appeared before a judge

B) he was taken for a walk

C) he was set free

28. "He was fined 25 pounds ” means that Kim …

A) had to pay 25 pounds

B) found 25 pounds

C) was paid 25 pounds

29. What happened while Kim was going home? …

A) The court began pouring

B) It began to rain

C) It began getting dark

30. Why did Kim feel happy? Because …

A) it was nice to be wet

B) it was raining as a result of his dance

C) he was fined

IV. Choose the right word in each of the following sentences

31. When I went to … I only saw my parents during the holidays.

A) day school B) boarding school C) state school

32. I want to continue study to become a university …

A) teacher B) student C) lecturer

33. Who … you to play the guitar?

A) taught B) learnt C) made

34. Was it Alexander Bell who … the telephone?

A) discovered B) invented C) make

35. Did you know that Peter had arranged the party … for you?

A) specially B) especially C) particularly

36. My flat is just near my office, which is … for me.

A) comfortable B) cosy C) convenient

37. If you want to play the piano well you must … a lot.

A) practice B) practise C) train

38. I saw a very good … advertised in the paper.

A) office B) work C) job

39. There is a lot of talk nowadays about … rights.

A) human B) humane C) humanitarian

40. According to the weather … there will be rain tomorrow.

A) information B) forecast C) data

V. Choose the correct answer

41. You won't pass the exam unless you … harder.

A) work

B) will work

C) don't work

42. Why … work last Saturday?

A) had he to

B) must he

C) did he have to

43. My watch … in the station last Saturday.

A) was robbed

B) was stolen

C) has been stolen

44. I'm sorry, she's not here. She … on holiday this week.

A) had been gone

B) has gone

C) has been

45. He … in this company since 2001.

A) is working

B) works

C) has been working

46. "You … lies!” his father said.

A) mustn't say

B) mustn't tell

C) don't have to say

47. … in Paris , I intend to call my parents.

A) When I will arrive

B) As long as I arrive

C) As soon as I arrive

48. She's … her brother.

A) much more tall than

B) much taller than

C) much more tall that

49. … does it take to get to school?

A) How

B) How many time

C) How long

50. She's gone to the baker's … some bread.

A) for buying

B) to buy

C) for to buy

VI. Read the menu and the text below and decide what each person — Dan, Jenny, Kate, Tim — ate and drank

Jack's cafe
Hamburger and chips ?1.40
Fish and chips ?1.20
Chicken and chips ?1.80
Sausage and chips ?1.00
Egg and chips 99 p
Ham sandwich 75 p
Cheese sandwich 65 p
Glass of lemonade 38 p
Glass of milk 15 p
Cup of tea 20 p
Cup of coffee 35 p
Glass of coke 45 p

Dan's food cost less than a pound.

Jenny doesn't eat meat or fish.

Kate's food cost more than Jenny's.

Tim doesn't like fish.

Jenny didn't have chips with her food.

Kate and Dan had the same thing to eat.

Tim's food was the most expensive on the menu.

Dan didn't have a sandwich.

The total bill for food was ?4.43.

Jenny and Tim had the same drink.

Only Kate had a hot drink.

Dan had the least expensive drink.

Jenny's drink cost 25 p more than Kate's drink.

51. Dan ate …

A) egg and chips

B) hamburger and chips

C) sausage and chips

52. Dan drank …

A) cup of tea

B) glass of coke

C) glass of milk

53. Jenny ate …

A) cheese sandwich

B) ham sandwich

C) fish and chips

54. Jenny drank …

A) glass of lemonade

B) glass of milk

C) glass of coke

55. Kate ate …

A) chicken and chips

B) egg and chips

C) ham sandwich

56. Kate drank …

A) glass of coke

B) cup of tea

C) glass of milk

57. Tim ate …

A) ham sandwich

B) sausage and chips

C) chicken and chips

58. Tim drank …

A) glass of coke

B) glass of milk

C) cup of coffee

59. … paid more than others for food.

A) Dan

B) Kate

C) Tim

60. … paid less than others for a drink.

А) Dan

B) Jenny

C) Tim

Задания 9-11 классы

I. Listen to the tour guide and answer the questions

1. The tourists are probably travelling …

A) on foot

B) by coach

C) by train

2. The tour will take …

A) an hour

B) half an hour

C) about an hour

3. High mountains are …

A) in the east and west

B) in the north and west

C) in the north and east

4. Local economy depends on …

A) tourism

B) industry

C) agriculture

5. The region produces …

A) cotton and peanuts

B) cotton and vegetables

C) cotton, nuts, fruits and vegetables

6. The place attracts many tourists thanks to …

A) its agriculture

B) scenery, climate and historical sights

C) high mountains

7. The tour takes place …

A) in autumn

B) in winter

C) in summer

8. Only … days are rainy and cloudy.

A) 15

B) 50

C) 55

9. Which statement is true? …

A) It is never rainy in summer

B) You can ski and swim in winter

C) It only rains for 50 days in winter

10. The visitors ski …

A) in the mountains

B) near the beaches

C) in the center of the city

II. Read the text attentively and choose the right form from the variants below

Nowadays, it is difficult to avoid environmental issues. Every time we turn on the television or open a newspaper, there are new horror stories about how pollution … (11) an adverse … (12) on our planet. Poisonous gases from factories destroy the ozone layer, contributing to the greenhouse effect, which … (13) in global warming. Acid rain is destroying forests. As more and more rainforest is destroyed, the threat to wildlife … (14), with several endangered species already on the edge of extinction. In brief, we are heading towards an ecological disaster.

However, we … (15) all do something to protect the environment. For a start, we should try to conserve energy resources such as oil and coal by turning … (16) our central heating and air-conditioning, or making … (17) use of our cars. Secondly, since many everyday items such as glass and paper can be recycled, we should try to re-use them rather than throwing them away. Thirdly, we can join pressure groups such as Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth, which can be very effective … (18) governments to adopt greener policies, such as subsiding public transport and protecting wildlife. The basic message we should all bear in … (19) is this: "Think globally, … (20) locally!”

11. A) is having B) has C) have

12. A) effect B) affect C) influence

13. A) resulted B) will result C) results

14. A) increases B) rises C) raises

15. A) must to B) need C) can

16. A) on B) down C) around

17. A) more B) less C) much more

18. A) to persuade B ) in persuading С ) of persuading

19. A) head B) memory C) mind

20. A) act B) do C) make

III. Complete the sentences using the information from the text

21. According to the text, pollution …

A) is damaging the planet

B) is not a major problem

C) is caused by the ozone layer

22. Poisonous fumes from factories …

A) reduce global warming

B) affect the ozone layer

C) are a problem in all countries

23. The greenhouse effect results in …

A) killing more animals

B) planting more trees

C) global warming

24. What does acid rain do? …

A) It kills animals

B) It destroys forests

C) It kills people

25. A lot of animals are threatened because …

A) hunters kill them

B) they are killed for food

C) their habitat is being destroyed

26. What can we do to help the environment? …

А) Consume less energy

B) Use other sources of energy

C) Use more energy

27. Which of the following items can we recycle? …

A) Petrol

B) Plastic

C) Glass

28. What do pressure groups do? …

A) They form governments

B) They recycle everyday items

C) They make governments help nature

29. What do you think the expression "Think globally, act locally!” mean? …

A) We should begin with our homes

B) We should all stay at home

C) We can't save nature

30. What is the basic message of this text? …

A) It is too late to save nature

B) Nature is not in trouble

C) We can still help nature

IV. Choose the correct word in each of the following sentences

31. It's a lot of … looking after children.

А) job

В) work

С) problem

32. I prefer to … a television than to buy it.

А) hire

В) rent

С) find

33. I thought you said you … give up smoking.

А) should

В) must

С) were going to

34. Many people nowadays are changing from large cars to small ones because they are far more …

А) economic

В) economical

С) economy

35. I do wish you'd grow up, John! You're so … at times.

А) childhood

В) childlike

С) childish

36. It's much too hot. Let's go and sit in the …

А) shadow

В) shade

С) shelter

37. I always feel very nervous when I have to … a speech.

А) make

В) do

С) perform

38. The new musical was a great success. The … loved it.

А) crowd

В) audience

С) onlookers

39. Heavy snow … the train for several hours.

А) postponed

В) prevented

С) delayed

40. I hate doing the … , especially cleaning the windows.

А) homework

В) housework

С) lessons

V. Complete the conversation with the words below

Harry: How … (41) coming to the cinema with me this evening?

Sally: Yes, I'd like to go out. Our new boss is making us work hard and I'm beginning to feel … (42) out.

Harry: … (43) your new boss like?

Sally: Not bad, but he's got a few … (44) habits.

Harry: Oh? What kind of habits?

Sally: Well, if you talk … (45) phone for more than five minutes, he starts looking at his watch. Then he stands behind me while I am working on my computer. It makes me nervous. I didn't ask you, which film are we going to see?

Harry: There's a film on at the Planet. It looks … (46).

Sally: Wait a minute! The Planet always shows films in the original language – what language is the film in?

Harry: French. You studied it at school, didn't you?

Sally: Yes, but I was always … (47) languages! No, I don't want to see a film in French.

Harry: But you'll enjoy it, I'm sure. It's a … (48).

Sally: No, don't insist. I don't want to see a film I won't understand.

Harry: Well, if you change your … (49), give me a ring and I'll come and … (50) you up.

41. A) do you like B) about C) do you

42. A) stressed B) keen C) boring

43. A) What does B) What's C) How is

44. A) bored B) disgusted C) irritating

45. A) on the B) at C) to the

46. A) interested B) interest C) interesting

47. A) worse than B) bad at C) terrible

48. A) comedy B) thrilling C) fiction science

49. A) idea B) head C) mind

50. A) hang B) pick C) look

VI. Choose the correct answer

51. I don't think my driving is … to pass the test.

А) enough good

B) good enough

C) well enough

52. … a lot of money, he wasn't happy.

A) Despite having

B) Even though having

C) Although that he had

53. If I knew her better, I … to come to the cinema with me.

A) will ask her

B) would ask her

C) should ask to her

54. I don't like pineapple on a pizza. …

A) I also don't like

B) Neither me too

C) Neither do I

55. When he was young, my brother … trees.

A) was used to climb

B) used to climb

C) used to climbing

56. Excuse me, can you tell me where … ?

A) I can find station

B) the station is

C) is the station

57. Would you mind … me a favour?

A) making

B) to do

C) doing

58. Your hair is too long! When … ?

A) will you cut them

B) are you going to get it cut

C) will you get them cut

59. I wish … to university when I had the chance!

A) I went

B) I had gone

C) to go

60. Visitors … to wear shorts and sandals here.

A) aren't allowed

B) mustn't

C) wouldn't

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