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ТЕМА: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition.

Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 5 года 6 мес. назад #8

Конкурсное эссе Веремеенко Ульяны Витальевны,
ученицы 9 класса МОУ Лицей № 2 города Волгограда,
учитель Алымова Валерия Сергеевна.
It is a well-known fact that human brain is divided into two hemispheres. One of it is analytical or critical and the other one is intuitive. Therefore, some people rely on an analytical hemisphere and the other ones choose the intuitive one. Many people are sure that it is better to use critical thinking, but others trust their intuition. I would like to explain my point of view.
In my opinion, critical thinking let us not to make mistakes. Firstly, it helps us to apprehend information correctly. We get a chance to exclude wrong variants, when we analyze and compare. Secondly, critical thinking develops our ability to comprehend and to use the information for our needs. Last but not least, critical thinking makes our brain work. It is important for our general development.
At the same time, some people say that if we use intuition, we make decisions quicker and it is necessary in extreme situations. I cannot agree with it completely as such solutions can be wrong and lead us to fatal consequences.
To sum up, there are different points of view on this problem. I suppose that both ways: intuition and critical thinking are important for a person. To my mind, people should use critical thinking more to survive in the world of technologies and manipulations.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 5 года 6 мес. назад #9

Конкурсное эссе Царегородцевой Анны Павловны,
Ученицы 9 класса МБНОУ "Городской Классический Лицей" города Кемерово,
Учитель Ерофеева Александра Алексеевна

In today's world of mass media we get lots of information that we have to process and decide to believe it or not. Unfortunately, it is very easy to ensnare, therefore scientists advise us to use critical thinking as it is the best way to control our decisions while others prefer trusting intuition. I totally agree with the first opinion.
To my mind, critical thinkers have more freedom and independence, because people often accept whatever is given to them from television, but critical thinking enables us to make up our own minds. Moreover, it helps to keep our ideas and actions under control, so presenting our views to others we will be able to give a strong perfect argument to bring people over. Furthermore, we will become more interesting people to talk to.
However, others trust intuition as they find it much easier than thinking critically. They believe that their own feelings are the only way to understand how to behave.
But I cannot agree whit them. Firstly, intuition cannot be always trusted, as there is no guarantee that your inner voice is truthful. Secondly, thinking critically is not very hard, because it is something you are getting better at with practice.
All in all, there are different points of view on this problem. I believe that we should think critically, as it gives us a full set of instruments and techniques to deal with people and with yourself.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 5 года 6 мес. назад #10

Конкурсное эссе Дурновцева Илья Владиславович
Ученица 9 класс МБНОУ "Городской Классический Лицей" города Кемерово
Учитель Ерофеева Александра Алексеевна

In our daily live we often have to make different decisions. Doing this, we need to rely on critical thinking or intuition. So, what will help us to make a right choice?

In my opinion, critical thinking will help us to make it. By balancing pros and cons, we can make a proper decision. Moreover, when we use our critical thinking to find a solution, we will understand a problem better. That way, we will have more information about the problem, so it will be easier to solve it. Lastly, if we solve problems by using our critical thinking, we will become more experienced. As a result, experience helps us to find solutions faster and easier.

However, some people think differently. They trust intuition. In their opinion, we should use intuition because it helps when critical thinking is powerless. For example, famous chemist Mendeleyev could not find a way to classify chemical elements according to their chemical properties but when he went to sleep, he saw in his dream a periodic table where all elements fell into place as required. In addition, intuition helps to solve problems fast, unlike critical thinking.

I do not agree with them. To my mind, we should not rely only on intuition. Of course, it solves problems faster, but critical thinking helps us to make more proper decision.

All in all, I think that to make really wise choices we need to use both critical thinking and intuition. As Henri Poincare said: «It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover. »
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 5 года 6 мес. назад #11

Конкурсное эссе Гарькуши Анжелики Юрьевны,
ученицы 8 класса МБОУ лицея № 4 города Славянска-на-Кубани Краснодарского края,
учитель Шпак Валентина Викторовна.

Nowadays it is essential to use proper strategies and guides to achieve the best possible outcomes in various situations. Some people consider that reasonable thinking is very valuable while others are convinced that it is better to follow intuitive principles. Who is right?

In my opinion, there are numerous benefits of critical thinking skills. Due to some recent surveys, they can help to solve problems both in academic study and in many aspects of life. Firstly, critical thinking enables to become self-directed, active, independent, well-informed and proficient learners. Secondly, reflective judgements encourage to be self-disciplined, teach to emotional intelligence and positive attitude to opponents. Thirdly, critical thinking is very helpful in achieving good teamwork results.

Nevertheless, some experts claim that people’s actions should be based on intuitive approach only. They believe that self-intuition is a rapid tool to cope with different problems efficiently and make a right choice. Besides, they are sure that inner voice acts as parallel intelligent system and develops creative and imaginative skills.

However, I absolutely disagree because trusting to intuition alone can lead to great errors, poor decisions and can often let people down. I am sure that short term emotional acts and out of the blue thoughts form more prejudices than creative power.

In conclusion, I would like to stress that the ability to think and act critically is the key to success in everyday life. But it goes without saying that it requires a lot of personal efforts, training and practice.
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Re: Some people think that we should use critical thinking rather than trust intuition. 5 года 6 мес. назад #12

Конкурсное эссе Наумовой Вероники,
ученицы 8 класса МБОУ-лицей № 4 имени Героя Советского Союза Г.Б. Злотина города Орла,
учитель Горинова Светлана Александровна

It is common knowledge that in various situations we can use either critical thinking or our intuition. So, what is more valuable?

I consider using critical thinking is more essential than relying on inner feelings. Firstly, critical thinking supposes analysing facts and evidence. Besides, in most cases we will take the right decision, based on evaluation of the circumstances, reasonable judgements and a profound analysis of the problem. In my opinion, using critical thinking and logic for decision making is very important for a person if he dreams to become successful.

Contrary to the above, some people think intuition helps to solve problems better than critical thinking. Firstly, it is believed that intuition can be practised in situations where logic is useless. Intuitive senses often guide people in the right direction. Ideas of a problem solution can suddenly come to your mind and you have a strong desire and anxiety to take immediate actions and succeed. That is why they say those who have highly developed intuition are gifted people.

I wouldn’t agree with the above mentioned ideas. To my mind, critical thinkers can be called gifted people. Strong inner thoughts are based on feelings rather than on the analysis of the situation. Using intuition we can make mistakes which will lead to depression. If we trust feelings we will never make any investigations and discoveries.

Despite the opinion of my opponents, I am convinced that right judgements made with critical thinking are more valuable. Nothing can be more fabulous than making extraordinary decisions and putting them into practice!
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