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ТЕМА: Some people think that we should eat at home.

Some people think that we should eat at home. 8 года 8 мес. назад #1

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200 – 250 words.
Use the following plan:
− make an introduction (state the problem)
− express your personal opinion and give 2–3 reasons for your opinion
− express an opposing opinion and give 1–2 reasons for this opposing opinion
− explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion
− make a conclusion restating your position


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Re: Some people think that we should eat at home. 8 года 8 мес. назад #2

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Re: Some people think that we should eat at home. 8 года 8 мес. назад #3

Nowadays, for many people it is normal to go out to eat and drink at restaurants and fast food outlets. There are two opposite opinions about dining out. Some people believe that restaurants industry makes their life more convenient. Other people are sure that eating at home has more benefits.
I agree with the point of view that home eating has more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, it is an important part of traditional human life. Having breakfast or dinner at home you can solidify your family relationships. Secondly, the domestic cuisine is much healthier. You have the knowledge of what and how your meal was cooked because you trust your cook. Finally, it is cheaper to eat at home, you can save your budget.
Nevertheless, we can find an opposite point of view. Some people think it is very hard to stay at home and cook because of the great plethora of food options that modern society provides us. To their mind, a lot of busy people such as office workers, businessmen prefer visiting a restaurant or a café, they find it much more comfortable.
Despite other people’s opinion, I still believe that home-made dishes are more delicious. I like eating at home with my family. It is enjoyable to talk with your close people.
To sum it up, I would say that we should eat healthy food to save our body for a long time. That is why, people should refuse eating out.
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