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ТЕМА: Pantomimic game

Re: Pantomimic game 9 года 6 мес. назад #8

Miming is an excellent way for students to practice their tenses and their verbs. It's also great for teachers with minimal resources or planning time, or teachers who want to break up a longer lesson with something more interactive since it's adaptable to almost any language point that you might be focusing on. This game works with any age group, although you will find that adults tire of this far quicker than children. To keep them engaged, relate what they will be miming to your groups' personal interests as best as possible.

Why use it? Vocabulary; Speaking

Who it's best for: All ages; best with young learners
How to play:

Before the class, write out some actions - like washing the dishes - and put them in a bag.
Split the class into two teams.
Bring one student from each team to the front of the class and one of them choose an action from the bag.
Have both students mime the action to their team.
The first team to shout the correct answer wins a point.
Repeat this until all students have mimed at least one action.
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