Автор: Безгинова Екатерина. 10 класс. Школа № 26 г. Новоросссийска.

Nowadays reading is declining among people. I agree that people don't read a lot.

In my opinion firstly nowadays people are very busy with their work and they don't have free time for reading. People prefer watching a movie to reading a book. Besides, these people look through newspapers in a bus or a train. Unfortunately women prefer love stories, men like detective stories among other genres are historical novel, science fiction, adventure stories and horror stories. I should say books help us to gain written skills.

Some people claim technology has made our life much easier. Due to this fact some people prefer e-books because this books more convenient. The fact is people can use e-book anytime. Perhaps it's true, but I think that new technologies can't replace paper books and reading.

Besides I want to say that nowadays people have become lazier. They don't want to read. These people think that they can get all information from the radio, TV and the Internet. Even more they think the fewer books we buy the more trees we save. This opinion dominates among our society.

I still believe that people must read books. Reading helps us to understand life and find answers to questions. To my mind reading is the best teacher. Not mention reading is enjoyable.

To sum up I should say reading must not decline among people. Books are a source of education, we learn new things from them.


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